For decades long, Indonesia’s Indomie Goreng has been such a wildly popular meal and “snack” that it has become a staple “mamak” must-have. The fried noodles have come a long way since its humble beginnings in the 1970s, crossing borders and becoming a favourite in different parts of the world e.g. Australia, Asia, New Zealand, Middle East, etc.

Popular ramen review site theramenrater once said it, “The flavor is stuff of legend; it’s just excellent!” And there’s no doubt that even for Malaysians, the hunt is always on for the “best Indomie Gorang in town”.


Now, it looks like Indofood, the company responsible for the legendary noodles, is taking it to the next level and producing the wildest snack fantasy – Indomie Goreng-flavoured potato chips. Initially, we thought that it was a hoax too (there has been a lot of “photoshopped food packaging” hoaxes) but this delicious piece of news actually came directly from the director of Indofood, Axton Salim.


Yesterday, he posted this on his Twitter:

“Whaaat. For real?! He must’ve been trolling his followers, right?”

Believe us, we thought the same. The goodness of both Indomie Goreng and potato chips combined sounds too good to be true. But Indofood’s general manager of corporate communications, Stefanus Indrayana, later confirmed that they were in fact a real product that consumers will soon be able to get a taste of.

“That is the initial production of the new Chitato product, but it is not yet on the market. It’s not just for (Axton’s) birthday,” Stefanus told Kompas.

Alright, where do we sign up for some?!


Source: Coconuts Jakarta, Axton Salim’s Twitter, Kompas.

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