A power outage occurred in large parts of Sarawak, East Malaysia a couple of hours ago, leaving the affected areas in near darkness for about 2 hours.

Kuching and Sibu, as well as rural areas like Lundu, Bau, and Sarikei all reported blackouts. However, there were no reports of power disruptions in Miri. Twitterjaya was in a frenzy for a couple of hours with users taking to the social media platform to confirm the outage, with some saying that even their mobile coverage was affected:




About an hour ago, RTM Sarawak posted up an official statement from Sarawak Energy Bhd (SEB) with regards to the incident.

SEB explained that power supply to parts of Sibu was restored within half an hour, Kuching within an hour, and the majority of the remaining affected areas within 2 hours. They added that the incident was caused by a double circuit trip and that their technical team is currently focusing all its efforts on addressing the issue.

Blackout Kuching Sarawak
Source: Flickr

“To improve overall system reliability, Sarawak Energy is constructing the 500kV Transmission Backbone from Bintulu to Kuching which is expected to be completed by mid-2016,” they added.

According to The Star Online, the last time a Kuching to Sibu blackout occurred was last November. That incident occurred around noon lasting until late afternoon.

Sources: The Star Online (1), RTM Sarawak’s Facebook pageThe Star Online (2).

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