Ew, this is wrong on so many levels.

A hiker in Sabah made a shocking discovery when he came across over 2 dozen condom-attached panties hung up on trees along a trekking trail. The hiker, who was taking a morning hike behind the Penampang Sports Complex, said that there was a small “pondok” (hut) nearby but no one was around.

The mysterious find was posted on Facebook by Penampang Bulletin, which claimed that there were also bras put up there.

Condom Panties
Source: Borneo Post

According to Borneo Post, a check with the Penampang District Council disclosed that the council and the police had inspected the said site but no immediate action was taken to make room for further investigation.

“We received a report on the matter earlier today and had gone to inspect the site, which is located further down the hiking area and is quite isolated. The council will be working closely with the police in investigating the matter,” said a spokesperson from the council’s enforcement unit.

The Star Online quoted Penampang district officer Luvita Koisun as saying, “They saw the panties but could not find anyone there and even those living nearby seemed to have no clue about them,” adding that she herself had not seen the assorted underwear neatly strung up amongst the trees.

She also said the district office was trying to find out the owner of the private land in order to assist police in investigation.

Condom Panties
Source: Borneo Post

Meanwhile, district police chief Deputy Supt Rosley Hobden said they did not see anything at the site when they went over to inspect. “There have been no reports of the said findings as yet,” he added.

Ugh. Creepy much!

Sources: The Star Online, Penampang Bulletin’s Facebook page, Borneo Post / Featured image from Borneo Post.

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