Dang. One of our favourite South Korean talk shows has been cancelled.

Hailed as one of SBS’ representative programs, “Healing Camp, Aren’t You Happy” (힐링캠프, 기쁘지 아니한가), or simply known as “Healing Camp” (힐링캠프), is a South Korean talk show which began airing in July 2011 on SBS. The show, hosted by comedian Lee Kyung-kyu, broadcaster Kim Je-dong, and actress Sung Yu-ri, became so successful that it created trend of talk shows focused on “healing”.

Source: bigbangupdates.com
Source: bigbangupdates.com

In June 2013, Han Hye-jin left the program following her marriage to footballer Ki Sung-yueng.


“Healing Camp” is also known for its superior casting capabilities, inviting top actors and actresses, as well as politicians, athletes, and other influential people who are not easily seen on entertainment programs.

Source: shabrinaamalia.wordpress.com
Source: shabrinaamalia.wordpress.com

In the 4 years that was on air, “Healing Camp” also went on to win multiple SBS Entertainment Awards, its last ones being the “Daesang (Grand Prize)” and “PD Award (TV)” in 2014.

Alas, Sports Chosun cited an SBS official as saying that “Healing Camp” has been cancelled despite the programming having undergone a revamp in July 2015. The last episode recently completed its recording on 20th January.

SBS Healing Camp
Source: SBS

Aww 🙁 How many of you have been religiously following the talk show? Are you sad to see the show go?

Sources: Sports Chosun via Koreaboo, akp.

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