We haven’t heard anything substantial about “Underworld” in a few months now.

We know that a reboot is currently underway and that it’ll be called “Underworld: Next Generation“. Well, except that it’s not quite a reboot but more of a sequel, and that Kate Beckinsale will return to reprise her role as the vampire “death dealer” Selene.

Underworld TV Series
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We also know that a 6th film is currently in development as we speak. Oh yes, and that a TV series is being developed by “Underworld” and “Underworld: Evolution” director Len Wiseman. And now, the director has given an update on that TV series.


In an interview with Collider at this year’s Television Critics Association Winter Press Tour, Wiseman confirmed he was still working on developing a TV series based on the mythos of Underworld, though he didn’t want to give a concrete date for when fans may be seeing it:

“Yes, there’s been a lot of conversations and even development on what that series would be. It’s really appropriate for television, in terms of how those characters can really tie in, but also become something new. It’s really an attractive space. I don’t want to put a date on it because then that’s going to be printed and it might not happen in that timeframe, but it is a thought.”

We don’t know for sure whether the TV series will follow characters from the film series or shift to feature new characters in the same world or take the vampire vs. lycan premise to the small screen. Also, Wiseman’s vague comments gave no hints as to when the TV series will arrive.

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There will be quite a lot of room to explore though as “Underworld” does feature a complex mythos of supernatural politics that could be successful on both the silver screen as well as TV. We’ll just have to wait for more information, eh?

Meanwhile,”Underworld: Next Generation” will focus on a new and younger generation of vampires and werewolves who are locked in a seemingly never-ending battle between supernatural races. The film is currently still in production with a release date scheduled for 21st October 2016.

If all future plans for the dark fantasy series doesn’t fall apart, then fans will have 2 “Underworld” movies and an “Underworld” TV series to look forward to in the near future. Who’s excited? 🙂

Source: Screen Rant, Underworld Wiki, Collider.

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