Ever heard of this rumour about CUBE Entertainment debuting a new boy group in 2016?

Well, the rumour may turn out to be true.

Source: KPop Zone

According to Soompi, an insider told various Korean media outlets that the talent agency is prepping to debut a new idol boy group within the first half of 2016.


The insider said:

CUBE debuted 6-member BEAST in 2009 and 7-member BTOB in 2012. They will be debuting a boy group in 4 years (since their last one).

Details about the new group are kept under wraps, but the insider said that its tentative name is Pentagon.

Source: senicoyoteseni.wordpress.com

It is unclear how many members will be included in the group, but fans are speculating that it will consist of 5 members because a pentagon has 5 points. All of the possible members are skilled trainees and the report said some of them are from overseas.

Some members are said to be possessing skills in composing and producing and the group’s music and concept will reportedly be different from that of their predecessors.

Source: KPopStarz
Source: KPopStarz

So far, there are only 2 boy groups debuting under CUBE Entertainment. The first boy group, B2ST/BEAST, debuted in 2009 while the 2nd boy group, BTOB, made their debut in 2012.

So, do you think that CUBE Entertainment is planning to debut a new boy group? How many members do you think that this new boy group is going to have? Share your thoughts in the comments box below.

Source: Soompi.

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