A taxi operator has proposed that the Land Public Transport Commission (Spad) and government set a higher fare for Uber, MyTeksi, and Grabcar services before allowing them to operate legally.

The founder and advisor of Big Blue Capital (M) Sdn Bhd Shamsubahrin Ismail said the suggestion was fair to all taxi drivers.

Uber GrabCar


“If the fare is lower than that of the budget taxis’, it will ‘kill’ the taxi industry because passengers will choose their services. A fare hike is apt (for Uber, MyTeksi and Grabcar services) as these operators practise ride-sharing compared to the budget taxis which impose fare on one passenger at a time,” he told reporters in Kuala Lumpur today (28th December, Monday).

Shamsubahrin also suggested that these online service taxis be registered under the limousine permit and not under the hire-and-drive permit.

“The permit is appropriate as it won’t affect other taxi services, especially the budget taxis’,” he said.

Person using the Uber app

He urged the government to solve the taxi issue before allowing the online service taxis to operate legally.

“We don’t have any problem in welcoming such services as long as the government provides the best alternative and that is fair for both parties. At the same time, the welfare of passengers is assured,” he said.

Your thoughts on this, peeps? Do you think that implementing higher fares for ride-sharing services like Uber and GrabCar will ultimately solve this whole taxi fiasco in Malaysia? Would you go ahead and pay more for Uber and GrabCar anyway even if it’s priced slightly higher than other taxi services?

Let us know!


Source: Bernama via malaysiakini.

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