Of all the things to be worried about, really. Apparently, an Islamic preacher’s “Star Wars” concern is making headlines.

About a week ago (not long after “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” opened in cinemas), Rohidzir Rais took to his Facebook page to say that there was a growing “Jediism” influence in the country, after reading a “Gila Star Wars” (translation: “Star Wars Craze”) newspaper article.

Gila Star Wars
Source: Rohidzir Rais’ Facebook page

He added that the Gen Y in Malaysia have become “lost” in the “3 S” – screen, sports, and sex. Whatever that means. And also claimed that “In the West, there’s a new religion called Jediism” which makes “Star Wars” the basis of their “faith”, mocking “Star Wars” creator George Lucas for evangelising “Jediism” worldwide with his “magical sabre”.


But wait, let’s first take a look at this so-called new “Jediism” religion that has so blinded Malaysian Muslims and Gen Y alike:

Source: Google

Oh. Well.

Needless to say, throngs of “Star Wars” fans and Malaysian netizens alike have taken to his Facebook page to slam him for his twisted views. Some have outrightly called him a “backwards Muslim” while others expressed feeling “pitiful”/”pity” (read: sarcasm) towards him. Many questioned if the Al-Azhar University graduate had watched “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” or any of the previous “Star Wars” films at all.

Unfazed, Rohidzir posted up a sarcastic Facebook rant on 22nd December (Tuesday) to say, “The Malaysian galaxy is fortunate to have Muslim Jedi fighters that are brave and strong to defend their galaxy. We are convinced if World War 3 ever happens, they are ready to be martyrs with the Force that are strong in them. Congratulations once again to the Jew George Al-Lucas for succeeding in giving birth to Jedi martyrs who are ready to attack anyone who challenge their galaxy.”

Rohidzir Rais
Source: facebook.com/rohidzir.rais

Gosh, he really believes the “Star Wars” craze to be some sort of a religious following. What do you guys think? Should Rohidzir, first and foremost, watch at least one “Star Wars” film before jumping into wild conclusions?

Sources: MMO, Rohidzir Rais’ Facebook page.

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