Gone are the days when the radio would only play “Jingle Bells” or other classic Christmas songs during the Christmas season.

Now, tonnes of new Christmas-themed tracks are being released and one of them is “Christmas Paradise”, BoA‘s latest contribution to SM Entertainment‘s special winter project, “Winter Garden“.

BoA - Christmas Paradise


It’s been months since BoA has released a new song. Often referred to as the Queen of Korean Pop, the singer made her comeback with the 8th Korean-language studio album titled “Kiss My Lips” earlier in May this year. The self-produced record is her first Korean full-length album since the release of 2012’s “Only One”.

After making us swoon over her vocals in “Kiss My Lips”, the renowned singer aims at getting us into the festive mood with “Christmas Paradise” With her smooth and soothing vocals, the song is bound to get listeners excited about Christmas this Friday.

BoA teaser image 9

BoA is not the only one to have contributed a song to “Winter Garden”. Her label mates f(x) and Red Velvet have released new winter singles titled “Wish List” and “Wish Tree” on 15th December and 18th December respectively.

It became clear that SM Entertainment is looking to dominate the music charts with its series of winter projects. TaeTiSeo, the sub-unit group of SM’s Girls’ Generation/SNSD, swept real-time music charts with their newly-released Christmas album, “Dear Santa“. The group’s label mate EXO also topped the music charts with the release of their winter special album titled “Sing For You”.

Listen to BoA’s “Christmas Paradise” below:


For more information about “Winter Garden”, visit SM Entertainment’s official Facebook page.

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