The “Ghostbusters” reboot is certainly looking better than we thought it’d be.

The reboot will only make its debut next year, but Sony and writer/director Paul Feig are helping familiarise us with the film by releasing its official photos online.

Source: /Film
Source: /Film

The first official photo sees the new female cast members rocking the iconic Ghostbusters uniforms with proton packs on their backs and the tips of the neutrino wands glowing. The picture seems to be taken in a hotel lobby, with green light glowing from behind the crew members and fog floating across the floor.


A day after the above photo was released, Sony has released 4 character posters, each featuring a different piece of the Ghostbusters’ uniform highlighted in shiny bold hues.

Check out all the character posters in the gallery below:

The upcoming female Ghostbusters movie stars Melissa McCarthy as Abby, Kristen Wiig as Erin, Kate McKinnon as Jillian, and Leslie Jones as Patty. “Thor” star Chris Hemsworth joined the cast as a receptionist named Kevin while Bill Murray and Dan Aykroyd, who starred in the original film, will be making cameo appearances in the upcoming reboot.

Andy Garcia will play the Mayor of New York City while Neil Casey will be the main antagonist in the film. Michael K. Williams and Matt Walsh will play the roles of Hawkins and Rouke respectively.


Feig was apparently not thrilled about the unofficial photographs being leaked online. In an interview with Yahoo! Movies, he said:

We’re still filmmakers who want to surprise you with stuff.

He tweeted out photos of his own to counteract the unofficial shots that were leaked online. The images that he tweeted include the images of the proton packs, the Ecto-1 car, and the entire lead cast in their ghostbusting gear.

You can view all the images in the gallery below:


The “Ghostbusters” reboot is set to be released on 15th July 2016.

Sources: /FILM, CNET, Entertainment Tonight.

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