Some good news this week, yay!

Royal Selangor has added more exciting collectibles to the hugely successful “Star Wars” collection, an on-going collaboration with The Walt Disney Company Southeast Asia.

This time around, the focus is on the “teeth and claws” of the Empire and its successor, the First Order, which is featured in the movie, “Star Wars: The Forces Awakens“.


SW II Phasma_03_crop

The Limited Edition Captain Phasma figurine headlines the additional line-up. The imposing physique of captain who commands the First Order legions of troopers is meticulously captured. From the pockets on the grainy cloak to the sleek compartments on the utility belt cum holster and the blaster, the high level of detailing accentuates the air of menace that radiates from this prominent stormtrooper.

Complementing the figurine are 4 finely crafted keychains that feature the helmets of the clone trooper, Imperial stormtrooper, and First Order stormtrooper.

Just in time for Christmas, we say 😉

View these additions at any Royal Selangor retail store, authorised dealers, and online at their website.

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