Remember when Kim K boldly struck a pose for Paper magazine and nearly broke the “internetz”? It seems like Paris Hilton is attempting to do the same. Kinda.

The all-too-popular Hilton heiress recently posed for the same magazine, stripping down and baring her butt in a backless jumpsuit with her arms and legs tied up in thin ribbons. But on the cover, she’s a little bit more recent – donning a hairy white coat, hair slicked back, topped off with black lipstick.

Introducing our #Fandemonium issue cover star @parishilton! (1/4) ?: @vijatm / styled by @sammyrexic / hair: @hisvintagetouch / makeup: @mamamakeupsharon


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And that’s not all.

Paper magazine’s Paris Hilton feature also came with a short exclusive interview, where the 34-year-old discussed the craziest things she has done all year (nothing as crazy as “1 Night in Paris”), what she had for breakfast that morning, dating Michael Jackson (it’s not true), and more.

She does have quite a busy and productive year ahead for her music and her brand in 2016. “I’ll be continuing to tour as a DJ and create new music, as well as opening new stores and expanding my cosmetics line and products globally. I’m also opening another one of my real estate properties in the Philippines,” she revealed. 

Oh, and she also made it a point to mention that her fans don’t know the real her and that she is, in fact, a really shy person. Well, could’ve fooled us, what with constantly living in the spotlight and all!


Read the full interview via Paper magazine online here.

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