If rumours were to be believed, the next generation of popular male idol groups such as TVXQ, Super Junior, SHINee, and EXO will be making their debut next year.

According to Soompi, rumours began to spread throughout the Internet that Korean entertainment powerhouse SM Entertainment could be adding another idol group to their existing idol groups roster and it’s most likely to be a boy group.

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Since SM Entertainment is a listed company with an active investor relations (IR), many believe that these rumours coming from stock companies are creditable. The rumours are also backed by the amount of spotlight given to SM Rookies recently.

SM Rookies is a pre-debut team that consists of trainees who are ready to make their debut under SM Entertainment. Past members of the team include Red Velvet‘s Irene, Seulgi, Wendy, and Yeri.

The upcoming idol boy group will most likely consist of those from the team as the company has been actively promoting SM Rookies by starring them in Disney Channel Korea‘s “Mickey Mouse Club”. Some members even worked as MCs for MBC’s music show “Show Champion”. They even held their own pre-debut concerts titled “SM Rookies Show” earlier in August and September this year. As such, these SM Rookie members have already garnered a certain amount of fans even before they make their debut.

Source; Soompi
Source: Soompi

SM Entertainment is known for debuting a new boy group every 4 years. Though Super Junior made their debut in 2005, TVXQ, SHINee, and EXO debuted in 2004, 2008, and 2012 respectively. If this is SM remains using this approach to the market, a new boy group will most likely debut in 2016.

Regarding the rumours, a rep from SM Entertainment told Korean media outlet X Sports News, “Yes, we are preparing a new boy group.” However, further details regarding the group were not disclosed.

So, do you think that SM Entertainment is planning to debut some of the boys from SM Rookies? How many members do you think that this new boy group is going to have? Share your thoughts in the comments box below.

Sources: Soompi, AKP, Koreaboo.

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