What happens when you get a bunch of people to pretend that they’ve been attacked by an invisible force in a public shopping mall?

An epic “Star Wars” prank, that’s what 😉

Star Wars Prank in Malaysia


Ahead of the release of “Star Wars: The Force Awakens“, a group of pranksters succeeded in fooling unsuspecting shoppers with their elaborate prank involving tonnes of people pretending to be thrown to the floor by an “invisible” force.

The pranks took place at multiple shopping malls in Malaysia, including The Curve, Ikano Power Centre (IPC), One Utama, Mid Valley, and Nu Sentral. Appoximately 60 to 70 people were involved in carrying out the prank as they coordinately fell down to the floor when a man in a hooded jacket unleashed his “force” with the swish of his hands.

Star Wars Prank by Maxman TV

As shown in the prank video, many innocent shoppers were horrified by the stunt. Some shoppers ran away in fear while the rest stood still and tried to get a grasp on the whole situation.

The footage immediately went viral and received international coverage on Mirror.co.uk, the online edition of UK tabloid The Daily Mirror. Cinema Online reported that the prank was a collaboration project between MaxmanTV and ABOI TV. Maybank apparently got on board for the prank as well.

Wessley C. A. Danker, a former editorial intern of Cinema Online, is one of the pranksters from ABOI TV.

He said:


As ABOI TV are an upcoming group of pranksters seeking for opportunities, MaxmanTV initially assigned this task to us where we had to carry out this prank but on a smaller scale.

When asked whether they’ve faced any challenges in carrying out the prank, Wessley said, “Only by the security guards where they questioned whether we had permission to shoot in the premises, which we did.”

As of time of writing, the video has been viewed on MaxmanTV’s Facebook page over 163 thousand times.`

Wessley told Cinema Online that the prank was a success and the team was “overjoyed with the response”. He added:

We feel absolutely overwhelmed and thrilled that the video was watched and shared hundreds of times. These unexpected outcomes have motivated us to bring more pranks to the table and bring Malaysia to the next level.

Maxman TV is the same team of people who posted a heartwarming video of themselves helping a homeless man. They also did a prank video where Malaysian professional rally-racing driver Leona Chin dressed up as “a nerdy learner” and gave rookie driving instructors a scare with her “horrible” driving skills.

Stars War The Force Awakens

“Star Wars: The Force Awakens” is slated for release on 17th December 2015.

For more information, visit the movie’s official website and Facebook page.

Source: Cinema Online.

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