It wasn’t that long ago that South Korean comedian Jung Hyung Don announced that he’ll be leaving his broadcast commitments due to his severe anxiety disorder. And on 19th November (Thursday), his agency FNC Entertainment dropped another bombshell that shocked us all.

Apparently, Jung Hyung Don has been hospitalised for anxiety disorder.

Jung Hyung Don


This was confirmed by a representative from FNC Entertainment, who said that Jung Hyung Don was admitted last Friday (13th November), and that he didn’t want anyone to know.

The rep said, “Only a few of us at the agency know about it. He felt burdened to share the news of his hospitalisation. Jung Hyung Don is currently receiving therapy treatment and medication. He will be discharged in a few days. After he’s discharged, Jung Hyung Don will be taking some time off to take care of himself at home.”

“Jung Hyung Don’s disorder didn’t get any worse. He just never had time to get adequate treatment all this time since he was always working. His goal is to focus on his treatment at the hospital,” he added.

Phew. We’re really glad that Jung Hyung Don is getting all the professional help that he needs.

Jung Hyung Don G-Dragon

He’s to wishing him a speedy recovery because we do want to see him back on some of our favourite shows soon. Jung Hyun Don, fighting! 🙂

Source: soompi.

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