We never thought that we’d ever see this day!

Rumours are brewing about Japanese model and actress Kiko Mizuhara’s love life now that she and BIGBANG leader G-Dragon (real name Kwon Jiyong) have broken up. Like everyone else, we too were skeptical at first because Kiko and G-Dragon has, time and time again, denied their relationship.

But time and time again, are seen together somewhere somehow.


G-Dragon and Kiko dating in Seoul

However, this time, Kiko’s dating rumours have got nothing whatsoever to do with G-Dragon. Korean media outlets have been a-buzzin’ as of late because people are speculating that she’s going out with a Japanese actor 4 years her junior!

According to a report by Japanese outlet News-postseven, Kiko and Japanese actor Nomura Shuhei were seen getting a little cozy. The two had apparently visited an upscale sushi joint for a meal and left the restaurant holding hands. After which, they went directly to Nomura Shuhei’s birthday party together, leaning on each other and all that jazz.

Kiko Shuhei

According to teammizuhara, both Kiko and Shuhei first met during a magazine photo shoot. Sources also claimed that Kiko arranged a birthday suprise event for Shuhei, whose birthday is on 14th November. Aww 🙂

We can’t say for sure that the above rumour is true. Besides, Kiko is known to not address news/rumours about her love life. But if it is true, then we’re happy for her!

Source: akp, teammizuhara.

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