Hey Tumblr addicts. Now, you can finally carry on real-time conversations with Tumblr users!

This is because Tumblr just announced a new messaging feature today, and it has launched across Android, iOS, and the web.

Tumblr Messaging
Source: Tumblr

Although it’s not immediately available to everyone, it will be.


Tumblr is taking a “viral” approach to rolling out their new feature, giving the feature to 1,500 users first to start with. Then, everyone those 1,500 people message will also gain the new function, and everyone those people message will gain the new function, and everyone those people message will..you get the picture. It’s like magic. And this means that you can probably send Taylor Swift messages via Tumblr! Probably.

Tumblr estimates that everyone will eventually get it sometime by December this year.

But what about the fan mail feature, you ask?

Source: The Verge
Source: The Verge

Once you have messaging, the fan mail feature will change i.e. old fan mail conversations can keep kicking but you’ll need to use the new Tumblr messaging feature for initiating outgoing conversations. If you don’t want to be bugged by random people, you can change an option in your settings so that you’ll only receive messages from the people you follow.

And that’s not all! In other related news, according to The Verge, Tumblr is also currently working on support for GIFs, images, and group chat for their new messaging feature. Fun times ahead 😀

Sources: The Verge, Tumblr Support Page.

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