Wow, these guys are ahead of even their seniors and other peers.

We just got word that YG Entertainment’s K-Pop idol boy group WINNER has officially join Instagram, seemingly in preparation of their scheduled comeback 🙂

K-Pop WINNER Instagram 6


WINNER member Mino first announced it via the group’s Facebook page on 8th November. He uploaded an image which had the hashtag “#WINNERCITY” written on it, confirming that the account was open “for all the INNER CIRCLES”. In less than 24 hours, WINNER’s Instagram has gained about 115k followers. And not without activity, of course.

There are a few posts of the boys enjoying a fun night out with a delicious meal, drinking (what looks like) red wine and the works.

Meanwhile, YG Entertainment recently dropped a “Who’s Next?” teaser, indicating that one of its artistes is slated to release new music. Fans have been speculating that it could be WINNER’s comeback, as it was reported last month that the boys were filming their new music videos in Stockholm, Sweden.

Are you following WINNER yet? Hit them up here.

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