The IKEA Soft Toys for Education campaign, a good cause partnership between the IKEA Foundation, UNICEF and Save the Children, returns for its 13th iteration in the lead up to the Christmas and year-end gifting season.

For the first time this year, IKEA is introducing SAGOSKATT, a limited collection featuring characters created by 10 children from across the globe.



Among this new collection is the masterpiece of Terrence Wan, a 7-year old Malaysian boy. His creation, a lovable dragon with a toothy smile, was merely a figment of Wan’s imagination when he participated in the Global Soft Toys Drawing Competition last year.

As one of the top 10 characters chosen to become patterns for the limited collection, Wan’s creation is turned into a fluffy hand puppet and sold at IKEA stores.

“In order to give children a better life, they need to be given access to quality education. Children in some parts of the world simply do not have access to such basic necessity. Through the Soft Toys for Education campaign, we can help provide this opportunity to them. We are proud that for 13 years now, we have been able to contribute to this cause so that likemindedorganisations can continue enable the education that the children deserve all over the world,” said Gerard Jansen, Store Manager of IKEA Damansara.

Every year, the IKEA Foundation donates €1 (approximately RM4.25) for every soft toy sold in participating IKEA stores in November and December. The donation goes to Save the Children and UNICEF, and is spent on children’s educational projects.

This year’s campaign holds a special place in our hearts. We never thought a simple kid’s drawing from Malaysia would have the power to help other children. Terrence is an example to all that no matter how small our contribution, anyone – even children – can help make a difference in other’s life.

Since the Soft Toys campaign began in 2003, the IKEA Foundation has donated €67 million to UNICEF and Save the Children, enabling more than 11 million children in 46 countries to have the access to quality education.

The campaign in Malaysia will take place from 8th Nov 2015 – 2nd Jan 2016 at IKEA Damansara, as well as IKEA Cheras when it opens.



The Soft Toys for Education campaign is held in conjunction with Christmas. As a provider of well-designed, functional, good quality and low-priced home furnishing, IKEA makes Christmas more exciting this year by sharing inspiration that helps consumers bring out the best in their year-end parties regardless of size – from a small tête-à-tête to a lavish feast.

For more information, hit up IKEA Malaysia’s Facebook page.

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