Still reeling from Carly Rae Jepsen‘s performances from this year’s MTV World Stage in Malaysia?

Fret not.

The Canadian pop singer has recently shared the offiical music video for “Your Type”, one of her singles that was listed in her new album titled “Emotion”.


Source: izlesene
Source: izlesene
Jepsen is a multi-platinum, Grammy-nominated singer and songwriter from Mission, British Columbia. The singer gained her popularity after she was placed 3rd in the 5th season of “Canadian Idol”. She became even more prominent after she released “Call Me Maybe”, a chart-topping track that turned her into a global superstar.

Earlier in June, the singer released “E.MO.TION”, the follow-up to Jepsen’s US debut album “Kiss”. With a sense of pure feeling and passion inspired by classic 80s pop records, the album finds Jepsen conjuring up pop’s most thrilling paradoxes as she delivers songs that are both carefree and introspective, tender and bold, sensitive, and self-assured.

Source: Time
“Your Type” is the 3rd single from her album.

Starring Jepsen herself, the music video begins with a deep-voiced, mysterious radio host reciting a”once upon a time”-like intro. While she was asleep on a bench, her headphone gets stolen

As such, she decides to take charge of the matter and makes her way to an empty night club. After she charges her outfit, she begins performing on stage with a house band to an enthusiastic and empty karaoke hall.

The video then jumps between Jepsen’s onstage amidst the scattered, uninterested audience, and one audience was caught in the agony of the song. The video ended with her walking out of the club that proved that her performance wasn’t all a fairy tale.

Listen to “Your Type” and watch its music video below:


So, what do you think of the music video? Did you like it?

For more information about Carly, visit her official website or stalk her on Facebook page,Twitter, and Instagram.

Sources: The Malay Mail Online, Billboard, Rolling Stone.

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