One of Scotland’s finest single malts, Mortlach, has left Malaysians a memorable ardent experience at its official launch recently.

mortlach launch

In 1823, Mortlach was the first distillery to be built at the land of rolling green hills Dufftown, Scotland. It earned its recognition as “The Best of Dufftown” from whisky connoisseurs due to its quality and luxurious malt that is unrivalled in flavour.


The Global Brand Ambassador of Mortlach, Ms. Georgie Bell, recently made her debut in Malaysia for the very first time. Known as Miss Whisky, Ms. Bell gained a scholarship from The Worshipful Company of Distillers and a Diploma in Distilling with the Institute of Brewing and Distilling.

georgie bell

At the official launch, Ms. Bell said:

Mortlach is rich in illustrious heritage; it embodies the brave vision of its entrepreneurial founders, the Scottish civil engineer George Cowie and his son Dr. Alexander Cowie.

She added that both of them illustrate the values of the great Victorian leaders representing their scientific and technical skills, coming up with an innovation that is rich in flavour based on the uniqueness, precision and finesse of their 2.81 distillation system.

This was a distinction that sets Mortlach apart from the ordinary and gained its recognition as the world’s most richly flavoured Single Malt Scotch Whiskies.

georgie bell 3

The 3 new expressions namely “Rare Old”, “18-Year-Old”, and “25-Year-Old” aim to travel globally and the luxury connoisseurs, are poised to redefine luxury in single malts for an impeccable experience. Both of the expressions were awarded as the best malts in its category at the recent International Spirits Award 2015.


The Rare Old Mortlach is infused with flavourful whicky’s fruit and flora notes and whiskey connoisseurs will experience an acquired taste between sweetness and dryness.

As for the 18-Year-Old Mortlach, it creates a compelling and delectable expression characterised by fine interplay of meaty notes, malty sweetness and balancing acidity, which is best enjoyed straight. The 25-Year-Old Mortlach on the other hand, pulls together a highly complex and multi-faceted combination of roasted spices and almost animal intensity with dense layers of decadent sweetness.

The new Mortlach expressions including Rare Old, 18-year-old, and 25-year-old are now made available in Malaysia at all authorised distributors.

For more information, visit Moët Hennessy Diageo Malaysia’s official website.

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