Apparently, our infamous Malaysian bomoh Ibrahim Mat Zin aka “Raja Bomoh” is at it again, because how can he go without having a say in current affairs, right?

“Raja Bomoh” first made headlines back in March 2014 with his sesson of “rituals” in efforts to help locate Malaysia Airlines’ MH370. He conducted his rituals at KLIA using “Zam-Zam” water, 2 coconuts, a “magical” walking stick, and a carpet.


Let’s just say that he became the talk of the town.


Recently, “Raja Bomoh” shot to Internet “stardom” once again when a picture of news article featuring the man himself surfaced. In it, he’s seen holding a “special” vase, which he claims will suck the haze and restore Malaysia’s clean air.

Of course, this is coming really soon after he tried to use a block of ice to solve the haze crisis on 18th September, so people were quick to believe the “My vase will suck all the haze” picture that was circulating.

Malaysian Bomoh Vase Suck Haze
Source: Twitter

As much as it’s hilarious and we’d love to ridicule it a little bit more, unfortunately, it’s not true.

According to this PRU14 post, the original news article was shopped with an online picture editing tool called Photofunia. The generated image specifically allows you to make your own newspaper headline with just about anything (words, picture) you have. Be it crime, entertainment, lifestyle, sports, or world news.

What, you don’t believe us? Allow us to demonstrate:

Cuddles Photofunia

Hype Malaysia Photofunia

2015 Nike Mag Back To The Future Shoes


Um, the last one (the “Back To The Future” 2015 Nike Mag shoes) is actually a real deal though. But you get the idea 🙂

As we always say, don’t believe everything you see or read on social media.

Sources: Photofunia, PRU14.

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