Over the weekend, DJ Mag gained more anti-fans than ever before following the “Top 100 DJs 2015” announcement.

In case you missed it, “Tomorrowland” residents Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike came out on top, despite being known for their sneaky campaign tactics.

Source: instagram.com/kaskade
Source: instagram.com/kaskade

Agreeing or disagreeing with the DJs/producers who made the list is one thing, but slamming the DJs/producers who rank somewhere in the top 100 is another thing altogether.


In a DJ Mag “Top 100 DJs 2015” biography entry for Kaskade, a writer called the DJ/producer out to be a douche. This is, of course, after calling him a potty-mouth and telling him to “please stick with the day job, mate.”

Source: http://djmag.com/top-100-djs/poll-2015-kaskade
Source: djmag.com/top-100-djs/poll-2015-kaskade

Now, Kaskade is known to be very vocal, never shying away from voicing his opinions online. That snarky write-up instigated a string of tweets from Kaskade, putting his notorious “potty-mouth” in full throttle. And in not so many words, made DJ Mag (or the writer who crafted his biography entry) up to be a joke.

Here, for your reference:

We stand by Kaskade on this. After all, one does not simply mess with Kaskade, America’s best DJ/producer 🙂

Sources: DJ Mag, Kaskade’s Twitter, YourEDM.

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