It has been more than a year since 2NE1 released a new album, and it appears that the wait for a follow-up will continue.

In a report by Soompi, YG Entertainment‘s CEO Yang Hyun Suk admitted that the idol girl group group currently does not have immediate plans for a comeback yet.



If Hyun Suk’s words are to be believed, Blackjacks (as 2NE1 fans are lovingly known) just have to wait a little longer for their queens to return to the music scene.

According to Allkpop, citing Korean media outlet Newsen, Hyun Suk has revealed their future plans for 2NE1 during a press conference he held after iKON‘s debut concert in Seoul.

During the press conference, he said, “It’s difficult to say that 2NE1 will release an album by a certain time.”

2NE1 CL 2015 1

Blackjacks were worried about the possible disbandment of the group, but Hyun Suk reassured fans by saying that the company “will think of (plans for) 2NE1” after CL, the leader of group, makes her American debut. He added that “2NE1 is contracted until next year”.

It’s understand to why fans were worried about the group’s future as media has been reporting that the group was “on the verge of breaking up”. The girls were further surrounded by rumours of disbandment after Minzy deleted “21” off of her SNS username and changed her profile introduction from “Official 2NE1 Minzy” to “Official Minzy”.

However, after the disbandment rumours emerged online, Minzy made her account private for a while and changed her username back to the way it was. YG Entertainment has also denied all these claims.

2NE1 AON Malaysia030
2NE1 AON in Malaysia 2014

For now, Dara is focusing on acting and appearing in variety TV while Minzy has been reported to be focusing on her studies. Park Bom has gone on a long hiatus after being embroiled in a drug controversy last year.


Regarding Park Bom’s hiatus, Yang Hyun Suk commented:

It’s a sensitive issue, but there are controversies surrounding Park Bom from last year. Truthfully, I thought she needed time to reflect.

In other news, YG’s new girl group may debut somewhere next year as the YG CEO said, “We are discussing with our producers, as we have been planning too long for the new girl group. I’m hoping for a debut album early next year. They are young, but they are ready.”

Source: YG Ladies
Source: YG Ladies

What do you think of Hyun Suk’s statement regarding 2NE1’s future? Do you think their finest days are behind them?

We certainly hope the girls can stay strong and come back better than ever. Share your thoughts about their status in the comments box below.

Sources: Soompi (1) (2), AKP.

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