GAB has launched its newest flavoured pre-mixed offering: Smirnoff Ice Black.

The new addition joins Smirnoff Ice, which was launched last year, to further diversify the brand’s flavour options.



The new variant is packaged in a clear and black appearance to reflect the perfect Ice Black drinker – sophisticated, enigmatic and ready for fun. Its sharp lime taste adds a crisp bite and provides a clean finish on the palette.

It is best served chilled, especially during memorable occasions.


Upon the announcement, GAB Marketing Director Bruce Dallas said:

Smirnoff Ice Black is ready to offer Malaysian drinkers who are 18 years old and above an alternative taste to good times. Whether you’re screaming at the top of your lungs at a festival, hosting a hole-in-the-wall party that everyone wants to be seen at or even just surprising friends for an endless night of roller coaster-fun, Ice Black is going to be by your side. If you’re seeking for a drink with attitude and a rockstar feel, this is it.

Smirnoff Ice Black is the next generation of perfectly crafted pre-mixed alcoholic drinks with refreshing-tasting flavors.

It caters to the edgy, the adventurous and the curious, and who want to level up experiences at social events.



In conjunction with the launch, the public can experience Smirnoff Ice Black at the highly anticipated Halloween Party at Zouk Club KL, on 31st October 2015.

Guests are encouraged to bring out their dark side this Halloween by donning their best ‘sensual vampire’ costumes. The party will showcase how Smirnoff Ice Black can elevate any party to the next level.

For more information on Smirnoff Ice, visit their Facebook page.

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