Kirin Ichiban Malaysia has risen above all to charm beer enthusiasts, at Malaysia’s first Kirin Ichiban Beer Garden, a collaboration between Kirin Ichiban Malaysia and The Social, Publika.

Inspired by Tokyo’s Kirin Ichiban Garden, where enthusiasts will get to indulge in the best variants of Kirin Ichiban, the Kirin Ichiban Beer Garden in Malaysia presents nothing but an authentic Japanese drinking culture and experience.

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As Kirin Ichiban is known as Japan’s No.1 100% Malt First Press Beer, the Kirin Ichiban Beer Garden is revolved around the innovative “First Press” brewing method.

“It was essential that we recreated the Japanese drinking culture and experience, and at the same time, educating beer connoisseurs on what makes Kirin Ichiban the purest, 100% malt beer”, explained Loh Ee Lin, Marketing Manager of Kirin Ichiban Malaysia.

The experience started off with educating guests on the innovative brewing process of Kirin Ichiban.


2 of the favourite Kirin Ichiban variants are featured; the Kirin Ichiban Draught, and Kirin Ichiban Frozen Beer. Guests are also encouraged to have a first hand experience of pouring their very own Frozen Beer.


“The Kirin Ichiban Frozen Beer has always attracted a lot of curiosity, so we figured it would be more fun for guests to experience the pouring and serving themselves”, continued Ee Lin.

Kirin Ichiban Malaysia’s Beer Master, Ben Ng, provided an insight on the innovative brewing method, the “First Press” method, where only the first press of the malt liquid is extracted, using only the finest ingredients, to exude the a pure taste with no bitter aftertaste.

KirinIchibanBeerGarden 12

It was also learnt that the unique Kirin Ichiban Frozen Beer utilises Kirin Brewery’s innovative technology to freeze beer at -5ºC, creating a smooth, icy foam texture that coats the top of the Kirin Ichiban Draught. This acts as a lid to keep the beer chilled for 30 minutes.

What say you? Wanna go reward yourself with a refreshing pint of Kirin Ichiban Frozen Beer? It’s priced at RM18 a pop! The Kirin Ichiban Beer Garden is open from 5pm till midnight from 1st October – 10th October 2015, at The Square, Publika.

For more pictures from the Kirin Beer Garden launch, check out the gallery below:

With every purchase of any 10 Kirin Ichiban variants at the Beer Garden, guests will get an exclusive limited edition Kirin Ichiban Mini Frozen Beer Machine (while stocks last)!

For more information, visit their Facebook page.

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