Despite sustaining an injury recently, Ailee is back!

The Korean-American singer just released her first full album titled, “VIVID”, something that her fans have been looking forward to for quite awhile now.



Charismatic Ailee (real name 이예진) is no stranger to the South Korean entertainment scene, as she has been praised for her flawless vocals. For “VIVID”, she even dished out her writing and composition skills!

“VIVID” comes packed with 10 songs of varying genres such as pop, rock ballad, R&B, ballad, and more. The first music video off “VIVID” is a track titled, “Mind Your Own Business” (너나 잘해), also the title track of her album.

Ailee Mind Your Own Business

“Mind Your Own Business” is a fast-paced song and in the music video, Ailee can be seen embracing her inner bad girl, leading a team of girls to destroy a dude’s car, presumably in revenge. She later goes on to get caught by some ridiculously hot police women, dons the orange jumpsuit, and gets thrown into jail.

This was the same music video that where a prop fell on Ailee’s foot, resulting in a foot fracture. Watch it below:

Ailee will make her “comeback stage” on M! Countdown on 1st October, following performances on Music Bank, Show! Music Core, and Inkigayo.

Besides “Mind Your Own Business”, she will also perform “Insane” on the shows.

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