You may have heard that Warner Bros. will be releasing an untitled Christopher Nolan movie in 2017, but what you have not heard is this new piece of rumour from Den of Geek.

According to the entertainment portal, the studio is planning to develop a trilogy based on Katsuhiro Otomo’s genre-smashing manga and anime, “Akira”. It was also rumoured that Nolan is somewhat involved in the production.

Source: /FILM
Source: /FILM

Warner Bros. was said to have acquired the rights to the live-action remake of “Akira” back in 2002. Over the years, several attempts have been made to write a script and start production. At one point, Keanu Reeves was in talks to play the role of Kaneda.


He later decided to turn down the role.

The studio will need to be careful about their casting decision because at that time, “Star Trek” TV series star George Takei told The Advocate in an interview that any decision to cast white actors in “Akira” would offend both Asians and fans of the original manga or animated film.


The latest writer known to be working on the script for the live-action “Akira” film is “Sons Of Anarchy” veteran and current “Daredevil” co-showrunner Marco J. Ramirez. The previous script was written by independent filmmaker Dante Harper.

However, similar to the previous report made by The Hollywood Reporter, Den of Geek was told that the planned director Jaume Collet-Serra is no longer involved in the project. Earlier in March, Collet-Serra told Collider in the interview that he planned to take a break from directing.

He also said that even though there was no progress, the film will eventually get made. A source close to Warner Bros. also told Den of Geek that Leonardo DiCaprio‘s Appian Way is still onboard to produce.

Source: Comic Book Resources
Source: Comic Book Resources

Since it was recently announced that Nolan’s next film will be released in July 2017, many speculated that he could be working on the “Akira” trilogy.

If you haven’t already noticed, Warner Bros is one of Nolan’s longtime movie studio partners. The studio previously handled some of his most popular films such as his 2010 sci-fi hit, “Inception”, as well as the “The Dark Knight” trilogy.

“Inception” took in over USD800 million while “The Dark Knight” trilogy grossed USD2.45 billion worldwide. Last year, the studio also co-produced Nolan’s “Interstellar“ with Paramount Pictures and the movie grossed USD673 million worldwide.

Director Christopher Nolan

Though details regarding Nolan’s new project with Warner Bros are kept under wraps, Den of Geek was told that the renowned director has met with “a previously attached filmmaker within the past 3 months to talk about the project”.

Could Nolan be directing “Akira” or just producing it? Let’s hope that either Warner Bros or Christopher Nolan himself will confirm the news soon!

Source: Den of Geek.

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