The last we heard from Sunye, she has already left the popular idol girl group, Wonder Girls, alongside Sohee.

Earlier in July, it was announced that Sunye withdrew from the group and terminated her contract with JYP Entertainment. The talent agency cited Sunye’s devotion to her family life as the reason for her departure from the group.

As it turns out, she is really devoting her life to her family.


Wonder Girls Sunye Wedding Lotte Hotel Seoul

While it’s not verified, Sunye and her husband James are said to be expecting their 2nd child.

Her side told Korean media outlet TVReport that Sunye is “currently pregnant with her 2nd child”. According to another acquaintance, the former Wonder Girls member is currently suffering from morning sickness as she’s still in the early stages of her pregnancy.

The report also said that Sunye is currently residing in Gyeongg-do, Seoul with her family.

Sunye Wedding James Park Seoul Lotte Hotel

Sunye officially tied the knot with James back in January 2013 and got pregnant in April 2013. She welcomed her first child, a daughter, with her husband later in October 2013. She was the first of the current generation’s idols to get married and have a baby.

Now that she’s pregnant again, we can’t help but wonder if her bundle of joy is going to be a boy or a girl. Only time will tell 😉

Anyway, Congratulations to Sunye and James! We can’t wait to see the baby.


Source: AKP.

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