Taylor Swift aka Tay Tay is set to release her latest music video right before the MTV Video Music Awards.

The pop singer-songwriter made the surprise announcement earlier this month about the release of “Wildest Dreams”, one of the sexiest tunes off her “1989” album.

If you haven’t heard it, the Lana Del Rey-esque track is considered one of the most sensual and mature tracks from “1989”, and is pretty much already a fan favourite.

Speaking to Us Weekly last year, gorgeous Tay Tay revealed what inspired the dreamy song. The then-single singing starlet said that “Wildest Dreams” is the best example of how her expectations have changed when it comes to love.

So, what does a dreamy song deserve? Perhaps an equally dreamy music video. And Tay Tay just unveiled (again, to her 60 over million Twitter followers) a brief but also pretty intense preview of what’s in store:

As you can see, the above 15-second clip features a piercing blue eye (probably Tay Tay’s?), a galloping horse, packs of wild zebras running freely through the plain, a bird, a sunset, and some sensual canoodling in a rain storm.

Aww man we were super hoping that she would feature boyfriend Calvin Harris in it! Sorry not sorry.

Taylor Swift Calvin Harris

Her latest single will follow “Shake It Off“, “Blank Space“, “Style”, and “Bad Blood“.

The “Wildest Dreams” music video will premiere during the MTV Video Music Awards pre-show on 30th August (Sunday). Hang tight!

Sources: MTVTIME.

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