Ooh, one should never mess with Tay Tay. Especially not if you were formerly a One Direction member (because Harry Styles).

Because not only does she have a “Bad Blood” squad that has got her back, she also has her DJ/producer boyfriend Calvin Harris.

Taylor Swift Calvin Harris


So here’s the thing. It all started when Zayn Malik retweeted a fan’s post that compared Taylor Swift’s view on streaming music to Miley Cyrus’ attitude.

If you recall, Tay Tay took all her music off Spotify and was very vocal about Apple’s music streaming service, Apple Music.

Source: twitter.com/MileysKoi
Source: twitter.com/MileysKoi

As seen in the screenshot of the tweet above, the fan’s post quoted Tay Tay in saying that although her music is absent from Spotify, fans can pay to download her music from iTunes. It also quoted Miley Cyrus in saying that she’s made enough money and therefore, doesn’t care if people buy her albums or not.

Tay Tay’s bae immediately took offence, stepped up, and defended his girlfriend. He tweeted back to Zayn, which was seen by his 6.44 million Twitter followers, “You’ve made your money? Cool … fu*k the 99% of musicians who depend on these services to survive right? Yeah fu*k’em.”

And that’s not all. Calvin also went on to say:



But Zayn is not one to take it sitting down. In fact, the 22-year-old tweeted back to Calvin Harris:

That’s right. Zayn Malik ain’t taking no Twitter rants from Calvin Harris, no siree.

But all is good in the hood, it seems. Because Calvin later replied Zayn:

So, how about they kiss and make up with a collab, eh? Since Zayn is launching his solo career and all 🙂

Source: Zayn Malik’s Twitter, Calvin Harris’ Twitter.

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