Klang Valley is known to be a hub for a mix of urban activities and nature activities, which means that you’ll almost never run out of things to do or places to see.

Nevermind Klang Valley, if you looked at Kuala Lumpur alone, it holds endless possibilities should you choose to spend all day out in the city.

KL City Grand Prix 2015 Roads Closed


In fact, some of the most popular and iconic attractions in Klang Valley have, over the years, defined it as a tourist attraction, from the Petronas Twin Towers to the colossal Batu Caves, with offerings of offbeat places to eat as well as cheap local fare (Malaysia is, after all, ranked 6th for world’s best food), it truly is a fascinating place. So much so that it could render you spoilt for choice.

As such, we’ve decided to cover the popular as well as unconventional things to do in Klang Valley in 24 hours. If you’re a traveller with a short 24-hour layover, here’s your one-day itinerary:

6am: Catch the sunrise

Your full day out is about to begin and you really need to “start” your engine. What better way to do that than to take a hike – literally. Because Klang Valley is also home to pockets of green, it’s easy to find scenic hiking spots! Some of the most popular ones are such as the canopy walk at FRIM, Taman Rimba Kiara, Bukit Gasing, and Broga Hill.

Broga Hill

Note: Go real early when the morning weather is at its coolest.

10am: Kickstart your day

Great mornings are such promising beginnings to an awesome day, and a good breakfast always makes for a great morning! We know where to find delicious waffles and the best open sandwiches in town. Or if you’re feeling adventurous, grab a picnic basket, fill it with goodies, and pick one of these spots for a breakfast of a different kind.


Thirdwave Waffle

Note: You need a car or a cab ride to get to the places we recommended!

12noon: Street art awe

Believe it or not, Penang and Ipoh aren’t the only places in Malaysia that have quickly become homes to some really amazing displays of street art. If you looked hard enough, you may come across murals or graffiti work in the city that are kinda just always there. But if you want to really get inspired and flood your Instagram with pictures, check out Art Site 7 in Shah Alam.

Note: Shah Alam is a huge township with a total area of 290.3 km2 and if you’re not familiar with the place, you could get lost.

2pm: Grab a cuppa

“Hipster cafes” and visually-pleasing cafes have been mushrooming all over the place in the recent year or so. What we like about them is that most of them are standalone joints, which means that each one is unique and has its own identity. If you’re dying for a cuppa and perhaps a slice of yummylicious cake, we’ve picked out a few that may or may not strike your fancy. check ’em out here.

Eric Nam's coffee

Note: Not all the cafes are located on the same street or in the same area.

4pm: Go shopping!

Some of Kuala Lumpur’s “pride and joy” are located along the Bukit Bintang elevated pedestrian walkway. Pavilion Kuala Lumpur has a variety of offerings ranging from entertainment to shopping, to F&B as well as some self-pampering. Suria KLCC mall, on the other hand, has 6 levels of retail and restaurants, as well as an aquarium, art gallery, and an interactive science discovery center. These 2 places are definitely must-visits while you’re in the city.

Pavilion KL

Note: Pavilion and Suria KLCC have got the most expensive parking rates in Klang Valley.

8pm: Pig out at Jalan Alor

After that, you must be starving! So perhaps it’s time to pig out on some local fare. Jalan Alor is known to house restaurants and restaurants, stalls and stalls of epicurean delights. Personally, we’re big longtime fans of Wong Ah Wah, located right at the end of the street. Their chicken wings and butter prawns are absolutely to die for. Wong Ah Wah is located here.

Wong Ah Wah

Note: Unless if you parked your car somewhere in Bukit Bintang and walked over, there’s limited available parking at Jalan Alor – especially during dinner time.

10pm: Cocktails, anyone?

And when you’re done with dinner, it’s time for a few drinks. Oh, you know, just to get the party started. If you’re looking for somewhere less crowded and quieter than the average neighbourhood pub, we know just the places that you can go to – if you can find them 😉 See if you’re sharp-eyed enough to spot these speakeasy bars, which might require you to push some walls or doors.

TATE The Intermark

Note: Some of those bars are really not easy to find!

12midnight: Put your dancing shoes on

If you haven’t heard, Kuala Lumpur’s most iconic club has moved to its new venue at Jalan Tun Razak. At a staggering 106,000 sq ft, the newly built, 2-storey Zouk KL comprises 11 venues – of which 3 are new concepts – which occupy a total of 60,000 sq ft of built-in space. This is twice the entire size of the previous club complex at Jalan Ampang. And you need to go see it for yourself when it opens to public on 21st August!

Note: The roads leading out of Kuala Lumpur are famous for road blocks after hours. We most certainly do not condone drinking and driving.

4am: Replenish and sober up

No matter where you are in Malaysia, you’ll always be able to find food around the clock. Klang Valley is usually absolutely bustling even after midnight in terms of food courts and “mamak”s. And supper after clubbing is not unheard of! In fact, here are some popular post-clubbing-eat haunts and 24-hour cafes/eateries in Klang Valley. Go ahead and replenish with delectable food before heading back 🙂

Best Supper Places In Klang Valley

Note: This would be a good way to sober up before heading home/back to the hotel.

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