Fusion cuisine is one tricky cuisine to master. When we blend one culture with another, some details can get lost in translation. But when we blend tastes from different cultures, the result can only go one of two ways: A confused jumble or a beautiful mess. In this case, Ruyi and Lyn may have mastered the art of fusion cooking by carefully constructing its signature dishes.

Ruyi and Lyn is considered a hidden gem because locating this restaurant can be tricky. Getting there from the main entrance of the Bangsar Shopping Centre (near La Bodega, etc) requires you to walk to the opposite end of the mall. Once you take the escalator to the 4th floor, you will simply find yourself arriving at the doorstep of the restaurant.

Ruyi and Lyn
Source: Ruyi and Lyn’s official Facebook page

One may get confused with the concept of Ruyi and Lyn because unlike all respectable Chinese fine dining restaurants, this restaurant is a multi-space venue complete with a cigar lounge, a speakeasy bar, a balcony terrace, multiple private diving rooms, and a club/dining area. However, it stays consistent with its chic design concept as its interiors are striking and evocative enough to emit a distinctive vibe. Though the main dining area is the only area with soaring ceilings, the dimly lit restaurant gives off a romantic vibe in general.


It’s no surprise that the whole establishment attempts to attract young professionals and hip, urban crowd as the hip factor seems to permeate in this entire space. Besides the regular foodies, the artistic-savvy crowd might just flock here due to its innovative menu and its modern backdrop.

Ruyi and Lyn - Ruyi's Sushi

Ruyi and Lyn scores bonus points for its creativity as its signature dishes are mostly influenced by a few different East Asian cuisines. Though the menu focuses on Chinese cuisine, they are unlike the cuisines you’ve ever tasted before. The first go-to dish is “Ruyi’s Sushi” (RM43), which puts together some of the most famous Asian cuisine in sushi form.

The sushi platter is a tad weird, but it’s oh so delightful because it’s the nation’s smallest combination of Hainanese chicken rice, nasi lemak, and mango sticky rice. Though the price is on the steep side, the platter, which consists of 6 assorted pieces, is worth a try as it is able to capture the full fragrance and flavour of the food in this tiny little sushi. Patrons can either have them as appetizers or snacks to munch on while having drinks with family or friends.

Its distinctive combination might just propel the sushi platter to fame as patrons might share their unique sushi eating experience on social media. Thoughtful presentation, after all, leads to a more enjoyable meal.

The “Pokemon’s Prawns” come highly recommended as the deep-fried prawns come served simply with wasabi mayonnaise, mango, and ebiko. The “Blissful Scallops”, which Cantonese-style with fried chillies and chicken floss, are tasteful additions to the meal as well. Both dishes may not be beautifully presented, but they are solid choices for high-rollers as the Pokemon’s Prawns and the Blissful Scallops are priced at RM68 and RM73 respectively.

One glance at the menu and you will know that the dishes here are mostly constructed with creative flair while the flavour remains delightful. The finishing touch to our masterpiece of a meal was “A Star In Winter” (RM38). Topped with ingredients like scallops and prawns, the noodles for “A Star in Winter” are winter melon noodles that are tweaked and doused in the clear chicken and seafood soup. The flavours of the soup are not too salty and believe us, it can get really addictive.

Ruyi and Lyn - A Star in Winter


Of course, try not to eat too much and leave a room for some delightful desserts.

The desserts choices are quite limited, but they are sufficient enough to make us feel indecisive. We ended up trying 3 different types of desserts and they are “Summer Breeze”, “La Dolce Vita”, and “Happy Ending” (all priced at RM26 each). Topped with raspberries and blueberries, “La Dolce Vita”, which is a vanilla panna cotta, is the definition of “a sweet life” indeed. “Summer Breeze”, a refreshing yoghurt in cucumber sorbet, brings a certain sweetness while “Happy Ending”, a pistachio crème brulee, is what just we needed to end our wonderful meal on a perfect note.

The prices of the food certainly do not fit our budget, but just think of it as a great investment in your stomach. There’s no doubt that we will come back to Ruyi and Lyn again to try the rest of its signature dishes and heck, we might even come back just to chill in its swanky lounge or mysterious speakeasy bar for some pretty decent drinks. Topped with some basil leaves, the “Lyn’s Signature” (RM35) is definitely a must try as it’s uncharacteristically subtle with its combination of gin, pineapple puree, and spiced syrup.

Not that we’re greedy, but one visit to this restaurant just won’t be enough.

  • Location: Level 4, Bangsar Shopping Centre, 285 Jalan Maarof, Bukit Bandaraya, Kuala Lumpur.
  • Opening hours: Lounge, 12noon-2am; Restaurant, 12noon-3pm, 6pm-2am
  • Tel: 03 – 2083 0288

For more information, visit Ruyi and Lyn’s official website and Facebook page.

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