If you think BIGBANG’s new album is going to be filled with loud music, think again.

With all the electro-dance tracks that they’ve released so far, it’s easily to assume that the boys do “like 2 party” (pun totally intended). However, the 5-member group will show their emotional side this August through the release of “Don’t Love Us / Let’s Not Talk About Love”, the 2nd title track from the “MADE” series E.

BIGBANG MADE Series E 5th Augusut


On 30th July (Thursday), YG Entertainment released a teaser poster for the new song via its official blog, YG-Life.

As compared to the past posters in the “MADE” series, the new poster is plastered with lighter colours that exude a moody vibe. The group further teased the melancholy concept of the song through their sad-looking eyes in the poster. Though the meaning of the song has yet to be verified, we are already expecting it to be just as emotional as their previous hit single, “Love Song”.

YG Entertainment CEO Yang Hyun Suk also released a few mysterious teasers via his Instagram account recently and there’s a high chance that the posts are snippets from one of BIGBANG’s “MADE” series E songs.

In case you missed it:








“Don’t Love Us” will be released on 5th August along with the GD&TOP unit comeback track, “ZZUTTER / Freaking Awesome (Dope)”.

For more information, visit BIGBANG’s Facebook and Twitter.

Source: YG-Life via Koreaboo

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