Over the weekend, South Korean boy group BIGBANG held their “BIGBANG 2015 WORLD TOUR [MADE] IN MALAYSIA” in the Putra Indoor Stadium. The 2-day concert gave fans a “party” that they will never forget.

But according to The Malay Mail Online, Islamist group Ikatan Muslimin Malaysia (Isma) claimed on Monday (27th July) that the concerts are being used by Malaysia’s opposition DAP “as a front to spread Christianity”. They claimed that DAP is working closely with the Korean pop artistes to chip away at the Muslim faith with the concerts.



Omar Kassim, the chairman of Isma’s missionary bureau, said on the group’s website:

DAP which is close to the evangelists would surely support the concerts, just like how they previously supported a beer festival, even when the practice is detrimental to the public and was rejected by the majority of Malaysians.

He added, “However, they protest against good things such as making couple seats in cinema only for married couples, to prevent immodest acts. DAP’s action only shows how afraid it is of Islam becoming stronger in Malaysia.

Omar claimed that instead of bringing joy, K-Pop concerts are actually “anti-Islam” as they “would allegedly destroy the Muslim community in the country”. He further claimed that the artistes would “recite text from the Bible during concerts” and “invite their fans to attend church”. However, no proof was provided to back his allegations.


This is not the first time Isma has claimed that K-Pop concerts are being used a front to spread Christianity.

Earlier in January this year, Isma claimed that K-Pop artistes from the Christian-majority nation may be using their music to covertly spread the religion. Later in February, Isma has called for Taeyang’s concert to be postponed or cancelled until the organiser abided by the rules and regulations applicable to performances by foreign artistes. In a posting on ISMA’s website, the group’s vice-president Muhammad Uzair Izzat Amir Muhammad said B1A4’s incident should be a lesson to all parties to avoid a recurrence.

Prior to BIGBANG’s concert, Isma’s student wing National Muslim Youth Association (Pembina) also launched a campaign calling for the cancellation of the concert, and banning of K-Pop concerts in general.


However, the 2-day concert went smoothly and drew over 15, 000 attendees each night.

Source: The Malay Mail Online.

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