Phew. Thanks to BIGBANG “maknae” (youngest member) Seungri, members Daesung and TOP narrowly escaped bodily harm during BIGBANG’s “2015 World Tour (MADE) in Malaysia“.

BIGBANG performed 2 separate concerts in Malaysia, one on 24th July and one on 25th July at the Putra Indoor Stadium.



On 25th July, during the group’s “Fantastic Baby” performance, Seungri was seen running over to TOP and pulling him back from the edge of the stage. Shortly after, he ran over to Daesung and did the same thing – pulling him away from the edge. Seconds later, fireworks erupted and had it not been for the maknae’s attentiveness and quick action, both TOP and Seungri could’ve been seriously hurt.

Watch the video below:

Oof. So close though!

Meanwhile, GD&TOP are scheduled to make a comeback via BIGBANG’s “MADE” series “E” with a track titled, “ZZUTTER”, slated to be released on 5th August.

Source: Koreaboo.

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