Remember when 5-member K-Pop idol girl group EXID (particularly, Hani) made waves when a fancam of their “Up & Down” performance went viral a little earlier this year? It seems like another rookie group may or may not garner the same kind of attention because of a fancam.

Bambino (밤비노), a South Korean 4-member rookie girl group officially made their debut last month with their single, “Oppa Oppa”. But already, the spotlight’s on them (despite being a new group) as they’ve recently blown up due to their sexy dance moves. By that, we mean sometimes overly sexy in what is deemed to be unnecessarily revealing outfits.

Bambino New Thang


In one of their most recent performances, the members donned on extremely short shorts that were in no way made for hip-thrusting and grinding, which made for easy “wardrobe malfunction”. As seen in the image above.

The incident was caught on a fancam of Bambino member Hadam (하담), who was exposing more than she should’ve in a live performance for “New Thang”. The video was uploaded on 22nd July and as at time of writing, it has already garnered more than 3.6 million views. For very obvious reasons.

Is this an example of K-Pop provocativeness getting way out of hand? Watch and decide:

So, what are your thoughts on the video above? Feel free to discuss ’em in the comments box below!

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