Two down, one more to go.

On 21st July, JYJ‘s Junsu officially joined his fellow group member on Instagram as he took to Twitter to share his first Instagram post, featuring himself as the Japanese comic book/manga “Death Book” character, L.

The photo came with the caption, “Be uploaded!



Prior to creating his official account on Instagram, he wrote a tweet to express that he was facing difficulty in using the photo-sharing platform.

In the said tweet, he wrote:


Instagram..I’ll give it another try.. At dawn yesterday, I made an account and seen this and that but I don’t know how to upload.. Ah~ Why is it so difficult to in this high-tech world.

After successfully publishing the first Instagram post that featured his selfie, he published another photo of him vacationing in Europe.

In that post, he wrote:

Ah.. I get it, you can’t just write text. You must post something with a picture.. Euhahaha I wrote just text yesterday.. Ah~ I’m ㅜㅜ (crying)

He also learned how to put hashtags in the post so that his photos are more discoverable. As at time of writing, he has already gained over 95,000 followers on Instagram.

Take a look at some of his photos here:




Junsu is currently playing as L in a musical based on the famed Japanese comic book/manga, “Death Note”. The musical also stars Hong Kwang Ho, Jeong SunA, Park Hye Na, and Kang Hong Suk. It was revealed that he had a short reunion with his group members including Jaejoong, who took leave from the army on 7th July. The trio was said to have had a great time together as it may become increasingly difficult for them to meet up when Yoochun enlists in the army on 27th August.

Take a look at Junsu in his recent musical below:

“Death Note”, which opened on 20th June in Seoul, will be playing until 15th August.

If you haven’t already, follow Junsu at @xiaxiaxia1215 now! 😉

Sources: Koreaboo, DBSKNights / Featured image: JYJ’s official Facebook page

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