Hot on the heels of news of members Sunye and Sohee departing the Wonder Girls, JYP Entertainment (JYPE) has begun releasing individual teasers for the remaining 4 members.

In case you didn’t know, the girls will make their return as a band instead of a idol girl/dance group. Apparently, they have been practicing playing music for a long time now.

The first member that was unveiled for their new band format is Sunmi. From the short teaser clip, the mysterious-looking star is seen on the bass, playing a tune like a pro. The second member is none other than Yubin, who is seen having a go at the drums like she was born to do it. She even playfully winks at the camera like drumming is a hidden talent you never knew she had.


2 more members to go! We can’t wait to see what instruments or skills they’ll feature. Keep checking back with us as we’ll be updating this post when more teasers are released 😉

UPDATE (24th July):

Well, we thought we’d never see that day that Hyerim will be able to confidently shred a guitar the way she does in her teaser video. Like a pro, much? 😉 Also, Ye Eun playing beautifully on the piano? One would’ve never guessed that she had it in her!



UPDATE (29th July, 9am):

They’ll be making their long-awaited comeback in just a couple of days and the girls are really excited about seeing their fans again after such a long hiatus! In fact, the 4-member girl group recently left a video greeting to commemorate their return.

Yubin is seen excitedly saying, “It has been a while since we have greeted you (as a group) and it feels really good.” while Hyerim proudly exclaimed, “On this upcoming album, our members have participated in writing most of the songs, so please look forward to the band concept of the returning Wonder Girls.”

Sunmi asked everyone to watch their comeback showcase while member Ye Eun addressed fans with, “We’re finally returning after a long time and so I’m asking for everyone’s love and support.”


UPDATE (30th July, 9am):

You’ve seen the countless Wonder Girls teasers, now check out the teaser for their first comeback music video!

It looks like the 4-member girl group is traveling back in time again as the teaser for “I Feel You”, off the Wonder Girls’ “Reboot”, embodies their signature retro style. The 33-second clip starts off with Sunmi sitting seductively on a toilet seat and inviting you to get inside her pants – literally! The video then zooms in before cutting to a scene where all 4 members a present and rocking 80s-style one pieces that even Cyndi Lauper would be envious of.

Watch the vibrant “I Feel You” teaser video:

The Wonder Girls are expected to make their long-awaited comeback on 3rd August and on the same day they will hold a comeback showcase which will start at 8pm KST.

Who’s ready for the Wonder Girls reboot? We know we are 😉

For more information, visit their Facebook page.

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