Eminem is phenomenal.

Eminem has released the action-packed, death-defying new video for “Phenomenal,” the first single off his executive produced “Southpaw” soundtrack. While the movie focuses on a down-and-out boxer, the rapper instead looks into superhero movies such as “Avengers” and “Lucy” for inspiration to his seven-minute, explosion-filled music video, which stars the Eminem as a super-powerful version of himself.

SOURCE: Eminem's Official Facebook Page
SOURCE: Eminem’s Official Facebook Page

In the video, the “Rap God” finds himself waking up mid-operation on a hospital bed with no memory as to why he’s there. After yanking out his IVs, a doctor confronts him but is easily dispatched, quickly making Eminem aware of his newfound powers. The rapper then fights his way out of the hospital and goes running out into the city streets, where he is automatically recognised by fans while fending off assailants.


Midway through the 7 minute and 16 second long video, Eminem meets his foe: A rickshaw-riding nemesis played by a cynical John Malkovich. After turning down the villain’s invitation to join forces, Eminem is once again forced to go on the run, where he survives an eye-popping, spine-chilling motorcycle crash presented in a very Matrix-esque slow motion.

Along the way, the rapper takes down some baddies using a large fish as a weapon and commandeers various vehicles including a helicopter. Of course, he still manages to make it to his 10pm appointment with his mentor Dr. Dre. The video which was filmed in Los Angeles, premiered on Apple Music, and iPhones and Apple Watches are spotted frequently throughout the video.

The “Southpaw” soundtrack arrives July 24th. In addition to “Phenomenal,” the album will also feature one more new song: “Kings Never Die”, a collaboration with Gwen Stefani.

Watch the clip for “Phenomenal” below:

“Southpaw” is slated for release on 6th August 2015 in Malaysia. For more information, visit the movie’s official Facebook page.

For more on Eminem, stalk him via these platforms: Website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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