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Above & Beyond can’t seem to do no wrong. From wooing their fans and audiences on the dance to releasing great dance tracks, Above & Beyond are firing on all cylinders these days. As per usual, their music videos are some of the best videos to watch.

SOURCE: Above & Beyond YouTube
SOURCE: Above & Beyond YouTube

Never failing to take the message o the track and portraying it so beautifully through visuals, the video for “Counting Down The Days” featuring Gemma Hayes is no different. With the ever familiar expectation vs reality scenario, the Kenlon Clark directed video introduces viewers to a love story before taking them through a through the motions of heartbreak and a breakup only to wind up at the beginning of another budding relationship.


Set against a laid back summer groove, Gemma’s hazy vocal tones perfectly capture the melancholia of the drifting relationship and leaves nothing on the table. The gorgeous track is guaranteed to remind fans of their previous relationships but it will also leave them feeling hopeful for the future.

SOURCE: Above & Beyond YouTube
SOURCE: Above & Beyond YouTube

Check out the video for “Couting Down The Days” by Above & Beyond featuring Gemma Hayes below:

For more on Above & Beyond, stalk them via these platforms: Website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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