The Chainsmokers keep to their word.

Last month, The Chainsmokers promised to release their song “Roses” featuring Rozes this month and they’ve delivered! Over the course of their recent tour travels, the duo enlisted videographer Rory Kramer to document their experience and compile it all into one beautiful music video.

SOURCE: The Chainsmokers YouTube
SOURCE: The Chainsmokers YouTube

The video starts on a plane, where Rory has to make his way back to coach while Drew and Alex enjoy the fanciness and luxuries of business class. Rory is heard saying; “You probably know them as the guys who wrote “#SELFIE” but I know them as the guys who did not upgrade me to business class, The Chainsmokers”.


The video for “Roses” covers the crazy amount of flying and travelling DJs have to endure while touring. However, the amount of exotic locations and experiences shown in the video clearly makes travelling across the world to play music worth it.

It also gives viewers and fans an inside look into what Drew and Alex do to unwind while relaxing in the hotel. From jumping off walls to spraying Alex with the shower head while he’s on the toilet, these guys obviously love their jobs and they sure know how to have fun.

SOURCE: The Chainsmokers YouTube
SOURCE: The Chainsmokers YouTube

Plus, it’s always nice when artistes give fans a look into their personal lives through music videos. Also, if you pay close attention, you’d see that the video also features The Chainsmokers’ visit to Kuala Lumpur last June. 😉

Check the video for “Roses” below:

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