Singing, dancing, modelling, and acting. These few traits are part of Super Junior member Choi Siwon. Soon, he’ll have another interesting trait to add to his resume.

Apparently, Siwon is going to try his hand at producing!

Choi Siwon Interview


In a report from soompi, EnterMedia Pictures and Siwon have purchased the rights to the 2011 Daum webtoon, “Interview“, which was authored by Rude Vico (루드비코). In case you didn’t know, EnterMedia Pictures (CEO Lee Dong Hoon) is the company that produced the US version of “Good Doctor” and “My Love from the Star”. It is also the company that brought the rights to the US drama “Suits” and is currently preparing the Korean version.

The “Interview” webtoon is about a fiction author who is experiencing a slump and refuses to have an interview with anyone. However, he does permit one man, who unexpectedly knows about his unpublished project, “Hungarian Barber”, for an interview. And then, the story unfolds.

Daum Interview

Siwon really wanted to see a movie produced from the webtoon as he was drawn to the unique format of the way there are 3 stories within the interview within the webtoon. Together with EnterMedia Pictures, they’re currently looking for US writers and directors to work with Korean writers and directors.

Sources: soompi, akp.

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