Last month, 2PM’s agency JYP Entertainment sued those who were spreading malicious lies about another of its members, Jun.K. Apparently, netizens were leaving derogatory comments about Jun.K’s deceased father.

At the time, JYP said, “For many years, there have been online users who routinely attack 2PM, denigrating their appearance, making disparaging sexual remarks and defaming members of their family. We decided in May … to file for legal action for defamation and abuse.”

2PM Chansung To Sue Rumour-Mongers


On Friday (3rd July), 2PM member Chansung (황찬성) responded fiercely to those spreading malicious rumours about him online, and threatened to take legal action. According to soompi, he posted on Twitter:

There are still people who are spreading rumors. I’m confused, should I just pity them and move on, or teach them a lesson. It’s okay if you say bad things about me because you hate me. But it makes me angry when people create rumors about me, based on nothing. They seem to believe that’s true, but I think we’ll find out if it’s true or not after you’ve been sued. I’m only going to let it slip a couple of more times. After that, I’m gonna get all my evidence and sue.

“The more kindness I show, the more they take me for (an idiot),” he added.

However, the specific content of the alleged “malicious rumours” have not been verified.

2PM 2015

2PM member Taecyeon also reiterated JYP’s official stance on Twitter, saying, “JYP does not tolerate those who spread lies or malicious comments about its contracted artistes.”

Hmm, we wonder what the rumours are about though! We’ll update this post with more information as soon as we have ’em.

Sources: AsiaOne, soompi / Featured image from here.

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