Just when you think that you’ve run out of things to do and places to see in Malacca, a Husky café opens up and changes everything!

The newly established joint, “The Huskitory“, was originally a pet house that offers grooming services and sells furkid items especially for doggies. But they’ve since expanded and as of 15th June, the venue also starting housing a cozy little café.

The Huskitory Malacca


If you’ve always wanted a pet-friendly place to go to, specifically with your Husky/Huskies, then this new place has your name all over it.

From what we know, The Huskitory prepared food for both its human as well as doggie patrons. This means that both you and your furkid(s) can enjoy healthy and tasty meals at the café. In fact, (human) patrons will even be given a 10% discount for food and beverages when they bring along their furkid(s). It’s a win-win!

*Pictures from The Huskitory’s Facebook page.

Make this your new weekend (or week day) spot or make a trip down to Malacca ASAP, maybe? 😉

The Huskitory is located at 27, Jalan Taman Asean, Taman Asuan, Malacca. The café is open on all days except Mondays but it can get quite packed, especially on weekends, so you might want to call them at +6063342602 to make reservations beforehand.

For more information, visit their Facebook page.

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