One of the world’s most popular Dutch trance and house teams, W&W, is making their way back to the dance music charts again, it seems!

W&W’s new single ‘The One” has been officially released through Mainstage Music, sub label of Amsterdam-based record label Armada Music. By making use of the late Whitney Houston’s song, the Dutch DJ duo honours the famed vocalist and created a potential chart-topping record in the process.

W&W The One


“The One” was inspired by Whitney Houston’s classic “How Will I Know”, which has become widely known for being her 2nd song to top the Billboard Hot 100 Chart, as part of her 7 consecutive number ones in the chart of the U.S. Magazine. The family of the singer (who passed away on 11th February 2012) gave official permission for the use of the vocal sample.

Upon the release, W&W said, “We are really happy we got the opportunity use this iconic vocal sample. It’s simply special and we feel it goes really well together with the melody lines in the song. Already proven to work for us in the clubs and on the big festivals, we are excited to show ‘The One’ to the whole world now!”

W&W are expected to score big with the new single. They have previously ranked #1 on Beatport on more than 10 occasions, including the critically acclaimed single “Bigfoot”.

W&W The One UMF Miami 2015

“The One” saw its live premiere in March during Ultra Music Festival (UMF) in Miami and has been one of the most anticipated records ever since. For lack of better word, this is definitely “The One” single worth waiting for, and it’s progressive house at its finest.

Check out the teaser here:

Want it? Get it off Beatport here.


UPDATE (21st July, 9am):

The moment that you’ve been waiting for is finally here!

W&W has just released the official music video for their latest track, “The One”. Quite a stark difference from the duo’s usual style of music videos, this one features adorable animation that’s fitting enough for a love story. Aww 🙂


For moe information, hit up W&W’s Facebook page.

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