One thing’s for sure, Tao is no quitter.

Following the news of EXO’s Tao (real name Huang Zitao) setting up his own solo studio in China, the 22-year-old artiste has now shared a new set of photos, indicating that yes, exciting times are definitely ahead.

On 26th June, Tao posted on his Weibo account, “A man that studies hard is hot. Hello everyone, it’s been awhile.” The post was accompanied by 2 photos of the artiste wearing a red sports jacket while sitting on a couch in front of a recording microphone, looking engrossed.

EXO Tao Recording
Source: Tao’s Weibo

Needless to say, this has received a lot of attention as Tao did not participate in EXO’s last recordings for their repackaged album “Love Me Right“. It is also the first time that he has been spotted in a recording studio since establishing his own solo studio.

Well, whether he’s returning to the K-Pop idol boy group or not, we can’t wait to hear whatever he has to offer 😉

Sources: TV Report, Koreaboo.

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