For over a year now, Dannic has been offering fans a peek into his day-to-day life as a superstar touring DJ. From in-studio Q&A sessions, to a manic 24-hour-dash across his home region, in wreaking havoc at 6 shows in just a single day, there is rarely a moment left untouched in the life of Dannic with “Front of House TV” (FOH TV).

But what about before he was headlining events the globe over and heading straight for the upper-echelons of the Beatport charts? Where did it all start for Dannic in the beginning?

Dear Life Dannic

Making the leap up 34 places to take the #30 position in DJ Mag’s Top 100 DJ’s Poll last year, proves that Dannic is no stranger to hard work and dedication to his craft – and behind every great man, there is a great team, with the next series of FOH TV videos set to shine a light on who and what set the foundations in Dannic being the huge international success he is today.


With exclusive interviews from the Romers family, as well as some seminal figures throughout the timeline of his career, make sure you don’t miss this 3-part documentary that peels back the layers of the Dannic persona, both on-stage as well as off, with never-before-seen footage also readied to offer fans a glimpse of the exclusive.

Watch Part 1 of Dannic’s “Dear Life” mini-documentary here:

For more information on Dannic, hit up his website or Facebook page.

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