We are aware of the fact that the new “Green Lantern” movie is scheduled for 2020, but other than that, we know virtually nothing regarding its production.

However, it is inevitable for rumours to crop up as Collider reported that the upcoming “Green Lantern” movie may put the spotlight on not one, but two human Green Lanterns. While the previous “Green Lantern” movie, which was released in 2011, only focused on second-generation test pilot Hal Jordan, the 2020 movie will reportedly feature Jordan along with his fellow intergalactic cop John Stewart. There’s also speculation that Warner Bros. will include Guy Gardner in the line-up but nothing has been confirmed.

Source: Alpha Coders
Source: Alpha Coders

Warner Bros.’s approach to the “Green Lantern” reboot might shock some, as future “Green Lantern” movies will turn out to be “more about the Green Lantern Corps”, rather than an individual Green Lantern, if the rumours turn out to be true. Collider also reported that Warner Bros. might be introducing the multiple Green Lanterns at the San Diego Comic-Con SDCC) this year, and there’s a possibility that one or more Green Lanterns will make an appearance in the 2-parter “Justice League” movies.


In other news, Chris Pine is rumoured to be taking up the role of Jordan. Remember that piece of news about Pine starring in “Wonder Woman”? Well, Latino Review has reported that it was actually a cover-up to the news of Pine signing up as the superhero for the upcoming reboot. This is not the first time that Pine was linked to the “Green Lantern” production, as he was previously rumoured to be a candidate to act as Jordan.

Source: The Place
Source: The Place

To the uninitiated, Green Lantern is not an individual superhero, but rather a group of interstellar cops working for the law enforcement agency known as Green Lantern Corps. Hal Jordan is the Green Lantern that most people are familiar with, but he isn’t alone in his fight, as he is joined by several additional members of the agency, amongst them Gardner, Stewart, Kyle Rayner, and Simon Baz.

As Jordan is the most popular and well-known Green Lantern, it is understandable that he got chosen as the titular character for the 2011 movie.

Source: Zanda
Source: Zanda

The Green Lanterns have an array of superpowers, from shrinking objects to turning people invisible. Their most notable power is the ability to “construct” solid green objects that only the Green Lanterns can control telekinetically. However, they can only wield the aforementioned superpowers if they are in possession of the power ring known as the “most powerful weapon in the universe”. The ring also grants the wearer the power to travel quickly across interstellar distances, survive in any kind of environment, and translate any language in the Universe. The limit to the ring’s abilities is currently unknown.

The “Green Lantern” reboot is slated for release on 19th June 2020.

Do you think Chris Pine will suit the role of Hal Jordan? Would the idea of focusing on more than 1 Green Lanterns be a good one? Let us know by leaving your thoughts in the comments box below!

Sources: Collider, Latino Review

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