Years & Years creeps up on us.

Formed in 2010, British electronica trio Years & Years consists of lead singer and keyboardist Olly Alexander, bassist Mikey Goldsworthy and synth player Emre Turkmen. Goldsworthy met Turkmen online and Olly joined as the lead singer after Goldsworthy heard him singing in the shower. The band was originally a group of five, however, they became three once Noel Leeman and Olivier Subria left the in 2013.

Just last year, the trio signed to Polydor Records a.k.a Universal Music Group and released a new single “Take Shelter” which reached #1 spot on the iTunes UK Singles Electronic Chart. Early this year, they released one of their best singles “King” which won them the prestigious BBC Sound of 2015 prize.

Source: Years and Years - -Facebook
Source: Years and Years – -Facebook

Years & Years recently dropped a new single, titled “Foundation”, which is taken from their upcoming debut album “Communion”. Directed by Fred Rowson, the new music video was rather different as compared to their past music videos. Taking on a darker path, the video for “Foundation” gives out an eerie, bloody and creepy feel.

Of the clip, Olly explains the reason behind the music video:

“We wanted to revisit some earlier themes and imagery from our videos. We expanded on the eerie and hypnotic feel of the song and played with the drama of ritualistic practise, audience and voyeurism. Our director, Fred Rowson, was really good at seeing into our minds and bringing our ideas to life.”

Let’s just say it’s quite an “amusing funeral” as the video sees a crowd while Olly lies on a bed of flowers in the midst of what appears to be his own funeral. There were mourners holding dripping wax with bare hands, one with pupiless eyes and a girl with bleeding nose as Olly belts out the soulful track.

Here’s the music video for “Foundation”, enjoy!


“Communion” is set to arrive on 10th July but you can get the track instantly when you pre-order the album on iTunes.

For more on Years & Years, stalk them via these platforms: Official site, Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

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